Chihiros CII RGB(Built-in Bluetooth)

$114.50 USD $150.00


Chihiros C II RGB is slightly different than the C II White. C II RGB includes red, green, & blue LEDs.  The LED is programmed via the "My Chihiros App" with built-in Bluetooth & does not need a external controller. The app offers individual control over the three color channels "R" (red), "G" (green) and "B" (blue), allowing for ramping of each channel, sunrise/sunset, & a built in timer.

The Chihiros C II comes with a 360 degree swivel allowing you to cover in any direction from 20 - 36cm(7.9-14.2in) 

  • Voltage: 110 ~ 240v
  • Power: 20w
  • 40 RGB LEDs 400-700nm
  • 1580 Lumens
  • Fits Aquariums 20 - 45cm(7.9-17.8in)
  • Built-in Bluetooth