Fzone CGA320 to Paintball Adapter

$12.50 $20.00

The Fzone CGA320 to Paintball Adapter CO2 is made of anodized Aluminum, this adapter allows you to attach a paintball CO2 tank to your existing CO2 regulator. Perfect for tight spaces under aquarium cabinetry or making portability of your homebrew Co2 regulator a breeze! 

  • Small pin pushes open the paintball tank valve pinhole an O-ring is fitted to prevent any leaking
  • Male part suitable for CGA320 regulators(eg. Fzone Small/big gauge, Pro Series regulators) 
  • Pressure relief hole on adapter releases high pressure when detaching the adapter from CO2 cylinder keeping you safe
  • Made of a hard treated aluminum alloy, coated in durable paint, & won't rust
  • PERFECT FIT FOR; Empire Paintball Tank, Terstate Paintball Tank, TIPMANN Paintball Tanks, etc.
  • ATTENTION; Attach adapter to the regulator BEFORE putting it on the tank & remove the co2 regulator with the Paintball Adapter attached from the Paintball Tank