New products and samples

  • Once a new product is launched members will have the opportunity to get samples for testing. Not every single member will get new products every time.
  • Those that do receive the samples must submit content. We will accept the following content: Unboxing videos, testing videos etc.


  • Members will have the opportunity to purchase our products at a special price.This is exclusively for your use and not meant for resale.
  • Members will have a total of $800 to spend per quarter. Once that amount is reached, items will be available at retail price.


  • Members will receive a discount code so they can promote it in their social media. This will award buyers special discounts. This can range from 5% to 15% off.
  • Sales from our website will give our members 8% commission.

Content and Social Media

  • All content created with our products can be posted in your social media but, we must be tagged or mentioned.
  • Members can share their content directly to us, we will post it in our social media and give the proper credit so you can benefit from our audience.
  • Highest quality of content creation will be prioritized when the times comes to choose who gets our new products first.