Hydrocotyle Tripartita

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Hydrocotyle Tripartita is an incredibly versatile plant that can be used virtually anywhere in an aquarium. If kept short it can be a very beautiful carpeting option that is very undemanding. If allowed to grow long, it can grow into airframe dense bush that really catches the eye. It even grow excellently just floating at the surface. 

this a very easy species that does great in a variety of conditions. It is one of the prettier cryptocoryne species with a color that varies from a bright red color do a more brick red/brown depending on lighting! it is on the larger side as far as crypts go, and java had it fer as large as 12” In my aquariums. 

PH Range: 5.5-8.0

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: Low

CO2 needed?: No

Growth Rate: Medium