AR Rosanervig

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AR rosanervig if a beautiful bright red plant with pink veins that are really stunning. It’s one of the most vibrant species in the hobby, and is rather undemanding. It can grow with or without co2 and isn’t overly demanding about light like some colorful species are. It will grow very well in a lower light area. I find them to almost prefer slightly less than full on high tech lighting. We have more consistent results with them in slightly more reserved lighting. It seems to prefer slightly softer water, but does well into the mid 7 (ph value). We grow them well at 6gh/6kh/7.6ph and below. It is a quick grower, but not overly weedy like many ludwigia and hygrophila. 

Sold by the individual stem.

PH Range: 5.5-7.7

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: Medium 

CO2 needed?: No

Growth Rate: Med-Fast