Calicostella Prabaktiana

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Calicostella Prabaktiana is a really beautiful, uncommon moss that grows in dense mats that weep downwards. It’s an very easy species to keep and doesn’t require CO2 or high lighting. It doesn’t like overly hard water, but other than that it isn’t picky at all! We’ve had it at 7.8 with great results. In a tank with stone that raised PH to 8.0+ it did not seem happy. It does great tied/glued to stone, driftwood, and ledges, as well as just floating. We like to attach it to our equipment in tank. It is a beautiful way to hide your inlet/outlet pipes. 

PH Range: 5.5-7.8

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: Low

CO2 needed?: No

Growth Rate: slow