Chihiros Shade for VIVID MINI

$24.50 $50.00


As additional attachment part for the lamps of the Chihiros RGB VIVID MINI, Chihiros offers these shades. They prevent blinding by the emitted light of the lamp. Moreover, the inner surface creates a reflection that can increases the light intensity for the tank.
These shades are available for the different VIVID mini lamps version,hanging installation and bracket installation. They can be installed effortlessly by simply hanging them into the top slots of the lamps. There is no need for any extra fixation material.

  • For Chihiros RGB VIVID II MINI hanging installation or bracket installation
  • Blinding protection
  • Colour: black
  • Effortless mounting
  • No extra fixation material needed
  • 2 pieces in 1 set