Chihiros WRGB II PRO 30-120 LED Light

$189.00 $249.00


The WRGB series by Chihiros is an LED system series, which serves the complete color range of aquatic plants with its optimized design of differently colored LEDs. It is particularly suitable for densely planted tanks and plants that need intense light. The WRGB II PRO makes red, green and blue colors shine especially vividly. At a relatively low power consumption, the different variations illuminate the complete tank with a high radiation angle and suite aquarium sizes from 30 to 150 cm length.
The light comes with app controlled LED's that feature full adjustability of each color, sunrise/sunset, & a timer feature to turn your lights on & off. With these additions your planted aquarium will thrive & is sure to be the staple of your home having any guest that visits absolutely amazed.

WRGB II POR is a upgraded version launched in the end of year 2021, It upgraded from WRGB II(regular), the 2 version have similar appearance, but have super better Specification.

What are the new features?

1)It is 30-50% more intense than the WRGB II lamp.
2)The new WRGB II Pro has an extra white (W) channel for fine adjustment and more control over the appearance.




  • Chihiros WRGB II PRO x1
  • Adjustable Legs x2
  • Power Supply Brick x1
  • Bluetooth Module x1 
  • Alan Key Set x1 
  • OPTIONAL: Shades/Light Diffuser
  • OPTIONAL: Hanging Kit