Fzone Aquascaping Tweezers

$13.00 $16.00


The Fzone Curved Tweezers are of great use when planting aquarium plants into the substrate of aquariums alongside stones & driftwood. Due to their handy design, the tweezers are easy to handle & and made from high quality 316 Stainless Steel. The flat surface can be used to support your index finger & thumb making it comfortable when working.

When setting up a newly planted aquascape, the usage of tweezers is recommended as it helps to prevent stems & foreground plants from breaking, secures the plant in the substrate, & the riffles on the Fzone Tweezers at the tip help to easily hold the plant in plant while inserting into the soil. The Fzone Aquascaping Tweezers are curved are the tip to make it possible to place the plants in hard to reach regions (behind stones and/or driftwood).