Fzone Auto Top Off (A.T.O.)

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Why Choose FZONE ATO?

If there is one automated accessory we suggest, it is an Auto Top Off (ATO) System. When a Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium evaporates water, the salt & minerals are left behind increasing the salinity and TDS. Maintaining a constant water level in your aquarium or sump can lead to much healthier livestock, coral, plants and even better performance for your protein skimmers and other equipment. Auto Top Off Systems will normally include a controller that connects a sensor & the pump to transfer the water from a reservoir to your aquarium. The sensor in your aquarium will be able to sense the water level and when it drops low enough, the pump will turn on, pumping fresh water into your aquarium until the desired water level is reached. Two sensors keep the water level constant, while the third sensor works with an algorithm to prevent overfilling.



Triple sensor system monitors your water level preventing overfilling

LOW Sensor

  • When the LOW position is reached the pump will start to fill to the MID position for one minute.

MID Sensor

  • Using the Triple Sensor Algorithm, the pump will not fill water beyond the MID position.

HIG sensor

  • Third sensor buzzer will sound if reached at this level & the pump shut off.
  • Sounds when the pump runs dry, when the tank has a high water level, or when the sensor isn’t working.


DC pump included, plug-and-play

  • Pump Qmax: 280L/H (74GPH)
  • Pump Hmax: 2m (6.6ft)
  • Controller size: 3.4x1.8x0.6inch
  • Pump size: 1.5 x0.9x1.0inch

*Pump driven by A.T.O controller

*Only for RIMLESS tank*

Package Included

  • A.T.O. controller x 1
  • DC power adapter x1
  • Water pump x1
  • Tubing x1
  • Tubing Holder x1
  • User/Instructions manual x1