Macaya Fluvalitis “Mini”

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This very rare and beautiful Mayaca species was introduced to the hobby in the US just this year and is still incredibly uncommon. It grows short yellow/green leaves that get bright red in good lighting. It produces many side shoots and bushes out very readily! It is a very small species with leaves only a couple CM in length. It is an excellent choice for the background of nano high tech setups, or the midground/background of larger aquariums. 

we have not experimented with its growth low tech, and will consider it a high tech plant for the moment. That being said, it has been an incredibly easy species for us and we don’t doubt that it is capable of low tech growth. It grows fine in par levels below 100 and does not seem to melt if it gets shaded.

if you have a CO2 injected tank with softer water I think this should be a very easy species. It is a reasonably quick growing species and branches out on its own even in lower lighting conditions. Not as quick as some of the more weedy high tech stems though. We find it to be very manageable. 

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PH Range: 5.5-7.5

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: medium

CO2 needed?: Preferred

Growth Rate: Medium-Fast