Pogostemon Heidelberg

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Pogostemon Heidelberg is a really awesome high tech plant that is light green in color, reasonably undemanding (with soft water & CO2), and is a great addition to most any high tech tank. It also isn’t overly weedy, making it a popular choice for more seasoned hobbyists looking to trim less. 

It isn’t overly particular about lighting. we currently grow it at under 100 par and it does very well. In lower lighting it will not be quite as dense or bushy. Our pictures are a good representation of how it looks with minimal light. It will be much more dense when put under high lighting. 
Bottoms readily produce side shoots and this plant multiplies fairly rapidly. 


Sold by the individual stem.


PH Range: 5.5-7.6

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: Medium 

CO2 needed?: Preferred

Growth Rate: Medium