Syngonanthus Macrocaulon “Belem”

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Syngonanthus Macrocaulon (formerly Syngonanthus Belem) is a really beautiful high tech species that grows some of the most impressive bushes in the hobby. It has a very unique shape that really sets it apart from most other species. Macrocaulon can be differentiated from its nearly identical sibling “Syngonanthus Giant” by the downward curl of its leaves. This sets it apart from most other Syngonanthus species with more star shaped growth. 

This species prefers softer water and moderate to high lighting, but is not as demanding about light as some of the most picky high tech plants. It will grow just fine in more reserved lighting. It grows well for us with lean fertilizer dosing as well as EI levels. Growth speeds up notably with with a richer fertilizer regimen. Even with EI dosing Macrocaulon is slower than a lot of high tech stems (including many of its family members) making it a very popular choice for hobbyists who are looking for less weedy species.

Sold by the individual stem. 

PH Range: 5.5-7.4

Temperature range: 60-80

lighting requirement: Medium

CO2 needed?: Yes

Growth Rate: Medium