Fzone Stainless Steel Lily Pipe Inflow and Outflow 12/16mm

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Fzone surgical grade stainless steel pipes

The Fzone surgical grade stainless steel pipes offer an incredibly durable and sleek alternative to standard filter pipes for a variety of different types of aquarium filters or pumps.

Stainless Steel Lily Pipe set comes with both the inflow and outflow pieces and is available in two different sizes to fit a range of aquarium sizes. These stainless steel lily pipes will help provide consistent flow to all areas of an aquarium and prevent stagnant areas, also ensuring proper aeration and ideal water flow for aquatic plant growth.

Surgical grade stainless steel

Each set includes a stainless steel intake and matching outflow along with acrylic mounting brackets for each. The mounting brackets are designed for rimless aquariums but can be used on tanks with rims less than 16mm wide.


12mm for 12/16mm (1/2'') filter hose

16mm for 16/22mm (5/8'') filter hose

Set comes with

  • 1 Outflow Lily Pipe

  • 1 Inflow Lily Pipe

  • 2 Holders

Made of 304 Stainless Steel

Fzone stainless lily pipes are made of 304 Stainless Steel, which should only be used in freshwater environments. Salt-water corrodes metal so only glass pipes should be used in marine setups.

The submerged portion can be easily detached for cleaning as necessary.

360° Rotatable

The 360° swivel not only allows you to easily adjust the direction of the water flow, but is designed to take up minimal space in your tank. It is the perfect choice for a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

Mirror Polishing

Crafted from surgical grade stainless steel, these aquarium lily pipes provide a sleek look and are resistant to scratches, rust, and substance buildup.

Thin Gaps Design

The inlet pipe is fitted with thin gaps, ensuring that particles and debris are removed while also avoiding blockage from larger particles and most importantly keeping freshwater fish, and shrimp safe from being sucked up