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Fzone Astra-Stream SS Filter

In nature, water is filtered through layers of soil, sand, rock, and other natural materials like leaves. In home aquaria, we can replicate this through the use of external canister filters for the long-term health of your aquarium & its inhabitants. With such a crucial life-component that keeps your fauna & flora healthy, you should choose the top-of-the-line filter such as the Fzone Astra-Stream Stainless Steel Filter.

Fzone Pro Series CO2 Regulator

The Fzone Pro Series is a professional grade regulator for injecting Co2 in home aquaria. As the compressed CO2 gas inside the cylinder is running low pressure, a single stage regulator has a much higher risk of letting off a huge volume of CO2 gas. A Dual Stage construction prevents E.O.T.D. (End Of Tank Dump) allowing you to maintain stable CO2 output & saturation. Click the button below to buy your Fzone Regulator now!

Fzone Rimless Anata Series

Anata Series come with 45° mitered edges & each tank is water tested for 72 hours. 45° Clear-Cut Mitered Edges offer unsurpassed strength & rigidity while also providing a seamless view of your aquarium. Angled joints allow for more surface area for the silicone & will create a strong bond with our engineered silicone.