Fzone Studios.

Know Nature closely.

Nature is the nurturer. 



Our Devotion

Here at Fzone Studios our objective is to provide superior customer service, aquarium products, & warranty for all hobbyist to appreciate. Our ambition is to ensure you only have the most outstanding products available. We give extra attention to detail on all our products, striving to make every experience one to remember.


How we got here

In the spring of 2018, while serving as a manufacturer of Co2 regulators, 3 individuals met becoming friends, sharing their love for aquatics. With the help of each other, they formed Fzone Studios Headquaters located in Shenzhen, China in the heart of the aquatic industry, specializing in Co2 systems, filtration equipment, aquarium lighting, & much more. Over the past couple of years Fzone Studios formed an office in the US in Winter of 2020 to better assist it's North American customer base.

How do we do it?

We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. Building a more all inclusive experience is good for our teams, our customers, & the aquatic community. We enable each other to bring unique outlooks & knowledge to work, & we continually seek new ways to do so. We help our team members thrive in the Fzone Studios of today and support them in building the Fzone Studios of tomorrow.