Here at Fzone Studios our objective is to provide superior customer service, aquarium products, & warranty for all hobbyist to appreciate. Our ambition is to ensure you only have the most outstanding products available. We give extra attention to detail on all our products, striving to make every experience one to remember.


Fzone is a aquarum company which was established in 2018. As a begining, we are just a group of hobbyists. However, as we get deeper into the aquarium, we realized that we spend many costs into it. "How to buy a beautiful appearance, quality and reasonable price products?" This question bothered us.

Hence, we start to do our own product. We have gradually developed filtration series, CO2 system series, ATO series and Lily pipe etc. We are glad that we now have many customers. Thank you all for liking our products. We will continue to improve our products and keep the reasonable price to give back to our customers. 


We believe that what makes us different makes us stronger. Building a more all inclusive experience is good for our teams, our customers, & the aquatic community. We enable each other to bring unique outlooks & knowledge to work, & we continually seek new ways to do so. We help our team members thrive in the Fzone Studios of today and support them in building the Fzone Studios of tomorrow. 


 Fzone Studios mother factory was created in 2014 to provide a global leadership in advanced aquarium supplies manufacturing by teaming together technology, intellectuals, & ideas. With these operations, Fzone Studios can better serve the growing needs of the aquatic industry. Fzone Studios maintains a fully equipped state-of-the-art facility, extensive quality assurance standards, & strong supply of product inventory for quick delivery. 


Fzone Studios takes care of the entire production procedures from designing, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance, supply chain, & marketing. Looking to improve your brand by carrying our products? Fzone offers products for OEM & Wholesale. Fzone Studios provides best-in-class Co2 equipment, auto top offs, & filtration systems. No matter what you are looking for we will be happy to assist you & your businesses needs. Need more information? View our Wholesale Inquiry Page or contact sean@naturesaquatic.com for all your business-to-business needs.