FZONE Aquarium Root Fertilizer Spikes

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  • Balanced and Comprehensive Nutrition--Fzone aquarium plant fertilizer is a stick-shaped root fertilizer, crafted with advanced technology and containing high concentrations of NPK and other essential nutrients. Freshwater Aquarium Plant Fertilizer is especially effective in promoting growth and enhancing color for aquatic plants with high fertilizer consumption and red aquatic plants.

  • Targeted Root Delivery-- Aquarium root fertilizer spikes efficiently target the root zone of aquatic plants, ensuring optimal nutrient uptake where it's most, essential for overall plant health. By releasing nutrients directly at the roots, they significantly minimize the risk of nutrient runoff into the water , preventing eutrophication and contributing to a stable aquatic ecosystem.

  • Long-Lasting and Economical--The slow-release formula ensures a continuous supply of nutrients, avoiding the peaks and troughs associated with other types of fertilizers, which remains effective for 2 to 3 months, and you can adjust root fertilizer Spikes' use based on the density and growth of your aquatic plants. This reduced need for frequent replacements not only saves time but also is more cost-effective in the long term, offering a convenient solution for aquarium hobbyists.

  • Special Effects--Fzone aquarium fertilizer, with its root-enhancing and protective ingredients, boosts root development and nutrient absorption, leading to healthier, fuller aquatic plants. It also contains special probiotics that break down substrate nutrients for better root uptake, making it a superior bio-fertilizer compared to chemical and organic options.

  • Usage--Each box comes with 25 fertilizer spikes, each capable of treating a 10x10 cm² area. One box is suitable for a 60x40x40 cm aquarium. For optimal plant growth, it's advised to change half of the aquarium's water the day following the fertilizer application. When water temperature rises above 77.0 °F, the period of peak nutrient release occurs sooner, necessitating more frequent water changes.

Generally, as aquatic plants mature, the nutrient content in the substrate diminishes and needs replenishment.By adding FZONE high-efficiency fertilizer sticks to the substrate, you can boost new growth and enrich the coloration of the leaves, bringing renewed vitality to your aquarium landscape.

Why Choose Fzone Root Fertilizer Spikes

Nutrients in liquid fertilizers are often rapidly diluted in water, necessitating frequent reapplication, that can easily lead to eutrophication and rapid algae growth, especially when overused. This can be costly over time.

Compared with liquid fertilizer, root fertilizers excel in delivering targeted nutrients directly to roots for efficient uptake, ensuring balanced nutrition for healthy plant growth. Their slow-release property provides steady nutrients, creating a stable environment.

Usage steps

Step One

Use tweezers to hold the root fertilizer, positioning it near the aquatic plants.

Step Two

Insert the fertilizer all the way into the substrate, aiming for a depth of 5-6 cm.

Last step

After inserting, gently refill the area with aquarium soil to cover the fertilizer.


One box fits a 60x40x40 cm tank. Insert one spike into the substrate near the plant roots for every 10*10 cm²

Q: How often should I replace the root fertilizer sticks?

A: Generally, these sticks last for 2-3 months. However, the replacement frequency can vary depending on the plant type and aquarium conditions.

Q: Are root fertilizer sticks safe for all types of aquariums?

A: When used correctly, they shouldn't cause algae growth as they deliver nutrients directly to the roots, unlike liquid fertilizers that disperse nutrients throughout the water.

Q: What should I do if a stick is too large for my tank?

A: You can break the stick into smaller pieces to suit the size of your tank and the needs of your plants.

Q: How do I use root fertilizer sticks in my aquarium?

A: Insert the stick into the substrate near the base of your aquatic plants, ideally about 5-6 cm deep. One stick is typically sufficient for a 10x10 cm² area.

Q: Do I still need to use liquid fertilizer if I'm using root sticks?

A: It depends on your plants' needs. Some aquatic plants feed more from the water column than from their roots, so a combination of root and liquid fertilizers might be beneficial.