NovaClear™ glass is a specialized type of glass used in aquariums that has been gaining popularity in the aquascaping and aquarium industry. It is a low-iron glass that is nearly colorless and has a very high light transmittance rate, making it ideal for aquariums. NovaClear™ glass is used in Fzone Studios' Anata, Verso, and Frith series aquariums to provide a superior viewing experience for hobbyists.

  • The Anata series of Fzone Aquariums is designed for those who appreciate a traditional low-iron rimless tank with an elegant, seamless design. The 45° mitered edges of the tank offer unbeatable strength and rigidity, allowing for a seamless view of the aquarium. The glass is precision cut and hand-polished to provide a smooth edge that enhances the beauty of the tank. The aquarium is securely bonded with German-engineered high-strength silicone, providing long-term water resistance that prevents worn-out seals.
  • The Verso series is a levitating aquarium tank that gives the illusion of the glass floating in the air. The tank features a unique design that showcases the beauty of NovaClear™ glass, making it an excellent addition to any modern home or office. The sleek and elegant design of the Verso series is designed to provide a superior viewing experience, while the NovaClear™ glass ensures that the colors of the aquatic plants and fish are vibrant and crystal clear.
  • The Frith series is an all-in-one aquarium solution with a built-in filter chamber. It is designed for both beginner and expert aquarists who want to keep their aquatic life healthy and happy. The tank is made with NovaClear™ glass, which has a transmittance rate of 91.5 percent, providing a clear and unobstructed view of the aquarium. The aquarium is also designed to be leak-proof, making it an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free aquarium.

The manufacturing process of NovaClear™ glass is an intricate and precise process. It involves melting high-quality raw materials such as silica sand, soda ash, and limestone at a temperature of over 1500°C. The molten glass is then floated onto a bed of molten tin, which results in a high-quality and flat sheet of glass. The glass is then cooled down gradually to prevent it from cracking, and then cut and polished to the desired size and shape.

NovaClear™ glass is not only nearly colorless, but it also has a low-iron content that eliminates the green or blue tint often seen in regular aquarium glass. This makes it the ideal choice for use in home or office aquariums, as the colors of the fish and plants appear more vibrant and natural.

Fzone Studios takes the manufacturing of their aquariums seriously and ensures that each aquarium is water tested for leaks before it is shipped out. Each aquarium also comes with a black foam leveling mat, which must be used at all times to prevent imperfections in the top of the stand from causing catastrophic failure. The mat guarantees that the defects in the stand's top are safe for the aquarium to rest on.

In conclusion, Fzone Studios' NovaClear™ glass is a high-quality and nearly colorless glass that provides an unbeatable viewing experience. Whether you're looking for a traditional low-iron rimless tank, a levitating aquarium, or an all-in-one solution, Fzone Studios has a NovaClear™ aquarium to suit your needs. With the 45° mitered edges, high-strength engineered silicone, and black foam leveling mat, Fzone's aquariums are designed to be durable and long-lasting.