Fzone 15L Astra-Stream Stainless Steel Filter (Single/Dual Inlet)


In nature, water is filtered through layers of soil, sand, rock, and other natural materials like leaves. In home aquaria, we can replicate this through external canister filters for the long-term health of your aquarium & its inhabitants. With such an abundance of external canister filters in the market, it can be challenging to decide which one you should choose, but given it is a crucial life-component system that keeps your fauna & flora healthy & attractive, you should select the top-of-the-line filter while not sacrificing affordability, longevity, warranty, functionality, appearance & durability. A filter like the Fzone Astra-Stream External Canister Filter is not only elegant, but it blends in seamlessly & includes a brushed 304 stainless steel body, a high-performance water pump, RapidTap quick disconnects, vinyl tubing & quick-release clamps for easy maintenance or disassembly. 


The Fzone Astra-Stream Filter is made from high-grade 304 Stainless Steel from the inside & outside. 3MM thick SS ensures the filter will last a lifetime & not break down from maintenance.

  • Model: FZ-15L-SG(Single Inlet)/FZ-15L-SG(Dual Inlet)
  • Diameter: 8.66in
  • Height: 18.11in
  • Capacity: 15L (3.96 GAL)
  • Recommended Tank Size: Up To 380L (100 GAL)
  • Pump Flowrate: 0-3000L(800Gal)/H Adjustable
  • Inlet & Outlet Size: Ø17mm Suitable for ⅝''ID Vinyl Tubing

We recommend the single Inlet for tanks up to 60 gallons or the dual inlets for tanks greater than 60 gallons but smaller than 100 gallons.

Package List

  • 1x Canister Filter Body
  • 1x Top Clamping Lid
  • 2x Media Tray
  • 1x O-ring/Gasket
  • 4x Hose Clamps
  • 1x Pre-installed MagTool Blue Series Pump with Pump Base
  • 2x Quick Disconnects for single inlet model/ 3x Quick Disconnects for dual inlets model
  • 1x Set of Vinyl Tubing

Lily Pipes Sold Separately (Glass & Stainless Steel Available). Filter Media NOT included

The DC 6-pole Platinum Blue Variable Frequency Return Pumps utilize four modes & twenty different speed levels so you can adjust the pump to any of your needs. High performance & compact in size the DC Pump will fit almost anywhere & has near-zero vibration due to its thick insulated ABS shell. The 6-pole DC motor's inner cores are made from high-quality copper windings & will provide powerful flow & head pressure.

  • High flow rates and no attenuation, Max flowrate 3000L/H
  • Controllable - 4 mode and 20-level speeds
  • Sine wave technology
  • Super quiet <20DB
  • DC voltage
  • Durable - corrosion resistant


The Astra-Stream Top Clamping Lid is secured in place with quick-release clamps designed for easy disassembly & maintenance. Remove your pump, filter media, or sponges effortlessly & assemble them back together with ease.


High filtration capacity(3.96 US GAL) allows for beneficial bacteria to thrive resulting in crystal clear water. Made from high-grade 304 Stainless Steel from the inside & outside. 3MM thick SS ensures the filter will last a lifetime & not break down from maintenance.


The process of making a brushed metal appearance involves the precise machining of the stainless steel using abrasive grits to get the desired outcome. Apart from the 304 grade & 2BA form of steel used in our Astra-Stream Filters, the completed finish is most likely to impact its visual appearance. All Astra-Stream Filters are machined in a Number 5 finish & are corrosion resistant.

Upgraded Sealing Ring & Media Tray

The Fzone AstraStream Filter is equipped with an upgraded sealing ring & media trays. No longer hassle with traditional canister filters not being able to seat the O-ring properly & cause catastrophic leaks. In addition, AstraStream media trays are designed to allow water to pass freely through our basket-less design & not disrupt the function of filtering the water.


Includes Quick disconnects & Green Vinyl tubing for a snug fit & easy maintenance routine. The Fzone quick disconnects come with an on/off feature & are the most ideal solution to clean your filter. Hoses can be separated in one step & the AstraStream Filter can be removed for maintenance. The Fzone AstraStream Filter also includes 3m green vinly tubing & hose clamps made to fit snug & prevent any leaks.

Easy to Setup & Perform Maintenance

Easy to set up right out of the box. The Fzone AstraStream Filter comes pre-installed with an adjustable water pump. Just choose your choice of lily pipes (glass or stainless steel) & attach the provided green vinyl tubing to the pump while utilizing the quick disconnects for easy maintenance. It should be noted that the AstraStream Filter is a high-capacity filter made for prolonging maintenance & allows an aquarium to grow an abundance of beneficial bacteria. Because of this the AstraStream Filter generally needs to be cleaned every four-to-six months as it can house an enormous amount of filter media. To perform maintenance on your AstraStream Filter follow the instructions below:

  1. Unplug the MagTool Blue Series Pump to prevent the pump from unexpectedly turning on
  2. Disconnect lily pipes by using the shut-off valve on the RapidTap connectors
  3. Drain any residual water from the canister filter by opening the RapidTap valve
  4. Release the quick-release clamps & remove the top clamping Lid along with the pump
  5. Rinse filter media & sponges in dechlorinated water & replace any necessary chemical media such as carbon
  6. Clean the pump of any built-up debris by removing the four front screws & removing the impeller, and assemble it back together after finished cleaning
  7. Assemble your filter back together by first placing your filter media & sponges back into place, then secure the top clamping Lid with the quick clamps, assemble your tubing to the RapidTaps allowing you to connect them back with your lily pipes, & lastly plug in your water pump & activate one of the modes used to filter your aquarium