Fzone Rift Seiryu Mountain Stone Mini Terrarium Landscape

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Is your aquarium lacking that natural touch it deserves? Look no further! Introducing Fzone Rift I & II Seriyu Resin Rock - a stunning aquarium decoration that replicates the beauty of nature in every detail. Handcrafted with meticulous artistry, this premium resin model exudes an authentic appearance that effortlessly elevates your aquascape layout. Unlike real Seriyu rock, our resin model is 100% safe for aquatic life, ensuring no harm to your fauna & flora, while causing no changes to water chemistry. With Fzone Resin Seriyu Rock, you can create a captivating underwater landscape that not only brings the allure of nature to your aquarium but also offers peace of mind in maintaining a thriving aquatic environment. Comes in two sizes Rift I & Rift II, with each piece designed for easy planting & aquascaping. Unlock the true potential of your aquarium with this mesmerizing addition. 


Our skilled artisans handcraft each piece with utmost precision & attention to detail, ensuring that every curve, texture, & color closely mimics the mesmerizing beauty of natural Seriyu stone. The result is an aquarium decoration that seamlessly blends into your aquatic environment, giving a authentic look, & limitless possibilities for creating picturesque aquascape. 



Unlike real Seriyu rock, our resin model is completely free from any chemical element release, making it 100% safe for all aquatic life, including fish, plants, and shrimp. Say goodbye to worries about trace mineral releases or alterations in water chemistry, and embrace a worry-free aquascape environment.



Designed exclusively for aquascaping, featuring distinct mountain stone styles with well-defined edges and crevices. This thoughtful design not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your aquarium but also facilitates the growth of plant roots, making it effortless to create stunning aquatic vegetation arrangements and inspiring underwater landscapes.

  • Premium resin model with meticulous detailing, stunning authentic look.

  • 100% safe for aquariums, no harm to aquatic life or plants, and zero water chemistry changes.

  • Curated selection for effortless, mesmerizing aquascape layouts.





SIZE: 14.9 x 7.48 x 6.69" 

WEIGHT: 3.3 lbs


SIZE: 7.48 x 5.51 x 7.87"

WEIGHT: 1.65 lbs



  • 【Simple yet Perfect】 FZONE Resin seiryu stone landscape features an incredibly realistic simulation of natural stone textures and colors. The highly authentic mountain-shaped design saves you the trouble of selecting and arranging stones for a good landscape. The Resin seiryu ston modeleffortlessly transforms your aquarium into a simple and perfect scene.

  • 【100% Safe and Non-toxic】The resin seiryu stone landscaping model is absolutely free from any chemical element release, posing no harm to aquatic plants, fish, or shrimp. In contrast to natural seiryu stone , which may release trace amounts of minerals like Ca and increase water TDS, causing difficulties in growing certain high-demand aquatic plants, FZONE Resin does not release anything, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of seiryu stone without any concerns about TDS.

  • 【Designed Exclusively for Aquascaping】 The large Resin seiryu stone model features a distinct mountain stone style with well-defined edges and crevices that facilitate the growth of plant roots, making it convenient for planting aquatic vegetation. The smaller Resin Resin seiryu stone is more suitable for desktop micro-landscapes and can also be used in combination with the larger size.

  • 【Recommended Usage】 The large size 14.9* 7.48* 6.69 inches, and is ideal for planting grass-like aquatic plants such as cowgrass, paired with a few Cryptocoryne flowers. The small size 7.48'* 5.51''*7.87 inches is perfect for micro-landscapes in fish tanks, allowing you to plant moss, ferns, and other types of aquatic vegetation.

  • 【Notice】The color of the stone is grey, when added to the water, it will turn deeper and darker.Each stone may have slight variations in color. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team. We offer 24-hour service.