Fzone Co2 Proof Tubing (16 Feet)

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Fzone CO2 Proof Tubing allows a leak-free function ensuring no carbon dioxide will escape. Regular airline tubing can cause a 20% loss of CO2 & will not fit snug on the diffuser. CO2 tubing can also fit on standard airline fittings. We advise you to attach a CO2 check valve to the tubing ensuring no backflow to the CO2 regulator. CO2 airline tubing can degrade over time, so it should be replaced once every 3 years. CO2 Tubing is a commonly overlooked essential for your CO2 set up. 

  • Premium CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing for planted aquariums. High pressure rated. Great for use with our CO2 diffusers & regulators
  • This tubing is NOT silicone which is highly permeable to CO2
  • Kink-Free Design, Transparent or opaque black,  & no plastic/rubber smell
  • 4mm(ID)/6mm(OD) Comes in clear or black; Great for indoor garden, hydroponics & aquariums with Co2
  • Fits all Fzone regulators
  • Safe for both fresh or salt water environments