Fzone ATO Auto Top Off Refilling System(360P)

$55.99 $79.90

If there is one automated accessory we suggest, it is a Fzone Auto Top Off (ATO) System. When a Freshwater & Saltwater Aquarium evaporates water, the salt & minerals are left behind increasing the salinity and TDS. Maintaining a constant water level in your aquarium or sump can lead to much healthier livestock, coral, plants and even better performance for your protein skimmers and other equipment. The Fzone Auto Top Off System includes a controller that connects a sensor & the pump to transfer the water from a reservoir to your aquarium. The sensors in your aquarium will be able to sense the water level and when it drops low enough, the pump will turn on, pumping fresh water into your aquarium until the desired water level is reached. The Fzone ATO system includes three sensors keeping the water level constant & your mind at ease. 




Patented QST v2.0, EFTT, & AFT Technologies Ensure Constant Water Level

The Fzone ATO will start filling below the "LOW" position & fill slightly higher than the "LOW" position. The "HIGH" position will prevent overfilling. The newest MagTool ATO also has patented EFTT, AFT, & QTS technologies. These smart technologies allow the ATO device to work more safely compared to others on the market.


EFTT(Extra-Filling-Time Technology)

The Fzone ATO recognizes the aquariums size by timing how long it takes to fill the water from “LOW” to “HIGH” position & caculates a a extra filling time called EFTT(Extra Filling Time Technology). In normal working condition the device fills the water to the "LOW" position and will continue pumping for one extended filling time cycle until the water level reaches above “LOW” but never going above the “HIGH” position. The EFTT will precisely keep the water level between the "LOW" and the "HIGH" sensors.


AFT (Anti-Fluctuation Technology)

Most ATO’s in the market start and stop the water pump too quickly due to the water level fluctuation caused by many factors. The frequent starting & stopping will shorten the pump’s life span and efficiency. Our smart ATO uses AFT to identify and recognize any false water fluctuation; it only starts the pump when the level is below "LOW".


QST (Quick Security Technology) V2.0

The controller uses QST for real-time protection against overfilling and flooding.  The controller will give a visual alert and stop the pump immediately when it senses a refilling time more than 6 times longer than the EFTT.  QST can detect a malfunction of the sensor, the controller, or a empty reservoir.

Version 2.0 includes new technology making our ATO’s the most safe option.


Built-in Dual Color LEDs Indicate The Working Status

  • Alertnating red and blue: Device is starting up/initializing.
  • Blue LED solid: Stand by mode.
  • Blue LED flashing slow: ATO pump refilling the water level. 
  • Blue LED flasing fast: Water lever has reached the HIGH sensor, AFT avoids overfilling. (After 10 seconds, the LED will become solid, no action needed)
  • RED LED flashing fast: QST 2.0 alert. The pump ran six times longer than EFTT(the time related to your aquariums size, which is calculated in the start-up of the device, it is 50% of the time it takes from LOW to HIGH). 


  • Power: AC 100-240V/50-60 Hz input, DC 12V/1A output.
  • Power cable length: 6 feet (180 cm)
  • Sensor precision: 0.03 inches (1mm)
  • Pump head height: 8.2 feet (250 cm)
  • Pump flowrate: 74 GPH (280 LPH)
  • Max. Mounting Thickness: 0.78 inches (20mm)
  • Length of Cable between Sensor and Controller: 4 feet (120 cm)