Fzone Auto Top Off for Saltwater Aquarium & Fresh Aquarium 580P

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  • Upgraded 2.0 ATO with Independent Controller: The auto top off system effectively monitors and replenishes evaporated water on a daily basis, providing a convenient and time-saving solution for both saltwater and freshwater tank fish keepers, particularly during business trips or holidays. With its upgraded 2.0 version, the ATO is equipped with an enhanced visual interface, allowing you to easily initialize, pause, or resume the device using the FZ button.

  • Compact Size: the entire optical sensor unit of ATO is ONLY 0.79 inches diameter. The ATO works on rimmed, rimless tanks or sump tanks. The dual precision optical sensors, spaced 0.1 cm apart, monitor level fluctuations accurately within a 0.6 cm difference. Notice The Auto top off system suitable for tank with wave fluctuation less than 1cm

  • More Safer: The Auto top off QST 2.0 provides real-time overfill protection. The ATO controller triggers a beeping sound and visual alert, halting the pump if refilling takes more than six times the calculated EFTT. It also detects sensor/controller malfunctions and empty reservoirs, ensuring maximum safety.Version 2.0 includes new technology making our ATO’s the most safe option.

  • Micro Whisper Pump: The Auto top off remarkably compact pump is designed to perfectly fit tanks with a neck size larger than 1.97 inches. With a capacity of 74 gallons per hour, this water pump can lift water up to 2 meters. The AFT will measure the water level and ensure that the AutoTop Off system does not unnecessarily activate the water pump, increasing its durability and longevity.

  • All accessories included: Strong magnets can support aquarium galss or Acrylic wall thickness up to 0.78 inches (20mm). Check valve prevents backflow & will not drain your main display. Tubing is 6 feet(180cm), 7mm inner diameter.

  • Fzone will offer one-year free warranty, round-the-clock service, and you can reach out to us at any time for any product-related concerns.

What upgrades have we made to ATO-580P?

  • Pause Button: The controller of ATO-580P is equipped with a pause button, allowing you pause it when cleaning and maintaining the tank. It automatically resumes without the need for setting, providing added convenience

  • Beebing Alarm Warning: The ATO-580P features a flashing red light accompanied by a beeping warning when QST alarm. This combination ensures that you promptly detect any abnormalities and take necessary action

  • Initialization Methods: Simply press and hold the FZ button for 3 seconds to initialize the program without the need to disconnect the power. This method ensures a safer and more convenient initialization process

  • Light Positioning: The controller illuminates while the sensor does not, reducing light pollution in the fish tank.


  • Power : AC 100-240V/50-60 Hz input, DC 12V/1A output.

  • Power cable length: 6ft(180 cm)

  • Sensor precision: 1mm

  • Pump head: 6.56feet (200 cm)

  • Pump flowrate: 74 gph (270 lph) Max.

  • Mounting Thickness : 15mm

  • Length of Cable between Sensor and Controller: 4ft (120cm)

  • Tubing: 6feet(180cm), 7mm inner diameter.

  • Mini size: only 0.7 inches. Suitable for rimmed/rimless/sump Tank

  • Updated Controller: One-click operations, initializing/ pausing/resumeing the device

  • Dual optical sensors and upgraded technigies

Package Include
  • ATO Sensor and controller *1

  • DC refill pump *1

  • Tube holder *1

  • Water check valve *1

  • PU tubing(6.5ft) *1

  • Power adapter *1

  • Velcro*2

  • User manual *1

Quick Security Technology V2.0

  • The controller of ATO uses QST for real-time protection against overfilling and flooding. The controller will give a visual alert and stop the pump immediately when it senses a refilling time more than 6 times longer than the ETFT. QST can detect a malfunction of the sensor or the controller or an empty reservoir.

  • In version 2.0,ATO incorporate ETFT feature and not relying on first filling time from version 1. Our Auto top off system is far safer. Flooding barely happens when following the instructions carefully.

Extended Time Filling Technology

  • ETFT is Fzone own patented algorithm. During the initialization process the controller recognizes the tank size by timing how long it takes to fill the water from "Low" to "High" position; That time is called ETFT(Extended Time Filling Time). In normal refilling, the ATO fills the water to the LOW position and continue pumping for a circle until the water level reaches about "LOW" but never goes above "High". Precisely keep the water between the LOW and the High sensor positions.

  • This unique feature allows extra time of rest between refills, can substantially increase the products's life span.

Anti-fluctuation Technology

  • Most ATOs in the market start and stop the water pump too quickly due to the water level fluctuation cause by many factors such as feeding, livestock,etc. The frequent start and stop will shorten the pump's lift span and efficiency.

  • Our smart ATO 360P uses AFT to identify and recognize any false water fluctuation; It only starts the pumps when the level is truly low.