Fzone Solenoid For Co2 Generator

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Fzone Studios DC Solenoid allows Co2 gas to flow, or not to flow through it. A simple piece of equipment that can be used with any CO2 system. When using a solenoid valve it's best to pair with a timer. Why? Plants won't use Co2 when the LED's are off. Most aquarist run their lights for 6-8 hours with Co2 coming on two hours before lights on & turning it off a hour before lights off. This ensures the best saturation of Co2. Running Co2 24/7 can cause Co2 poisoning for livestock causing severe problems such as death. With a Co2 solenoid this helps to prevent over-gassing keeping your livestock safe. A solenoid valve fits inline. Just connect Co2 tubing to each end of the solenoid, the regulator, & the diffusion method for injecting Co2 into your aquaria. When the power is on, gas is allowed to freely pass through the solenoid. When the power is turned off the valve shuts off & gas cannot pass through.

  • Built with a high performance solenoid valve. The OTS Mini DC 12V consumes low power(.4W) & has a cool operating temperature compared to traditional solenoid valves used on aquarium regulators. Pair with a timer to turn OFF/ON.
  • Bubble counter included w/ check valve
  • Suitable for Co2 Regualtors or Generators (Instal on needle valve)