FZONE Fixing Clamp Aluminum Alloy Holder for Inlet and Outlet Pipes

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  • Durable material: The mini aquarium fixing clamp is made of durable aluminum alloy, with a matte finish that adds to its aesthetic appeal and provides excellent wear resistance, extremely sturdy and durable.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain:Compared to acrylic fixed holder,the aluminum alloy bracket simplifies maintenance routines, ensuring that cleaning is a breeze. It minimizes crevices where dirt might collect, promoting a cleaner and more hygienic aquatic environment.
  • Compact Design: The aluminum alloy holder features a small and compact design, occupying minimal space, making it an excellent choice for aquarium setups with limited space. This helps maintain the cleanliness and aesthetics of the aquarium area.
  • Overflow Prevention: The overflow trough's main function is to stop water from spilling out of the aquarium, especially during water level changes, which can cause hazards like slipping and electrical damage.
  • Preventing Scratches: The white gasket can serve as a cushioning layer, reducing direct contact between the screw head and the glass of the aquarium or the stainless steel surface. This helps prevent the screw head from scratching or damaging these surfaces, especially during assembly, adjustment, or disassembly.


SIZE: 36x20x11mm/1.41x0.79x0.43inches

PIPE DIAMETER: 14.5mm/0.57inches

JAW OPEN: 11mm Fit for: 4-11mm Glass


SIZE: 41x11x24mm/1.61x0.43x0.94inches

PIPE DIAMETER: 18.5mm/0.72inches

JAW OPEN: 13mm  Fit for:5-13mm Glass

Package list

  • 1 x Inlet and Outlet Pipe Fixing Clip

  • 3 x Flat End Screws

  • 1 x Screwdriver

Why choose aluminum alloy brackets over acrylic brackets?

  • Compactness: Aluminum alloy holder can be designed more compactly, saving space.

  • Durability: Mini Aquarium Fixing Clamp are more impact-resistant and less prone to breakage or damage

  • Easy to clean: Aluminum alloy bracket have a smooth surface, making them easy to clean and less prone to dirt buildup.

Groove Anti-Siphon Design

The support bracket's unique groove design effectively prevents siphon reactions and water overflow.

White Washers for Scratch Prevention

The included white washers prevent screws from scratching and protect the inlet and outlet pipes and glass during installation.

Matte Finish

The matte finish on the support bracket not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces reflections, ensuring an attractive aquarium appearance.