Fzone Pro Series CO2 Regulator

$130.00 $150.00


The Fzone Pro Series are a professional grade regulator for injecting Co2 in home aquaria. As the compressed CO2 gas inside the cylinder is running low pressure, a single stage regulator has a much higher risk of letting off a huge volume of CO2 gas. A Dual Stage construction prevents E.O.T.D. (End Of Tank Dump) allowing you to maintain stable CO2 output & saturation. High precision needle valves & built-in check valves leaves you to relax knowing your livestock is safe & providing an opportunity to focus on more important area's of your tanks functionality. 


Aluminum Compact 

Dual Stage Regulator 

Dual stage construction provides stable output pressure regardless of how much CO2 gas remains inside the CO2 cylinder, eliminating unpredictable catastrophes such as an end-of-tank-dump (EOTD).

Dual gauge indicates tank volume & working pressure.

Safety valve built in. When the pressure exceeds 100 PSI, the valve will automatically release the pressure.

Pressure knob is adjustable from 0-65 PSI depending on your plants needs.

Made from high grade aluminum. 


Pro Series Regulator x1

Manifold block x2 (pre-installed)

Bubble Counter x2 (pre-installed)

Allen key x1

Extra O-rings

Expandable Manifold Blocks - Run Up-To Six Aquariums

Expandable manifold blocks with integrated high precision needle valves; Run six aquariums on one regulator. 

Easily install additional blocks as needed; All tools included. 

Highly precise needle valve; the flowrate can adjust low as 0.3bps.

Bubble counter comes with a built-in check valve to prevent water from back-flowing into the regulator.

Fits standard 4/6 mm (3/16" inner diameter) CO2 Proof Tubing.

*Fill the bubble counter with fresh water only. DO NOT use oil or salty water*

High Performance DC-12V Solenoid Valve 

High performance DC-12V solenoid valve consumes low power & won't overheat.Designed to work with an automatic timer to coordinate with your aquariums light schedule. Consumes only 2.5W of power. 


All Fzone Co2 Regulators comes with a one year warranty from the date you purchase your product & lifetime customer service support. If you incur any issues within the first year of owning your Co2 Regulator & a part needs to be replaced it is free of charge.

NOTE: Fzone Studio's reserves the right to deny any warranty claims based on misuse or damage not caused by the normal function and/or use of our product.